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One of the kids favourite characters from Widget World is Whatsit. If you've visited a Holiday Village recently with First Choice then you'll probably remember that Whatsit is the excitable one with the fluffy purple hair! Whatsit loves to sing and dance and is always seen encouraging the kids to join in. Now you can have your very own Whatsit to sing and dance along with.

Whatsit features embroidered detailing around the face, hands and feet, 2 tone leaf style Hawaiian grass skirt and fluffy hair on the ankles. Who could resist her happy smiling face?

Whatist also features 5 different sayings including, 

Hey how are you? 
Wow I am loving your work! 
That was great!
I have been tiding up around wachamacallit! 
Out of the socket and just like a rocket!! 

This Whatsit cuddly toy measures approximately 11in (27.5cm).

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