Meet the Characters

The Widgets are a trio of of fun-loving-glitch-fixers made up of Gizmo, Whatsit, and Doobley. They come from the land of Whatchamacallit which is somewhere on the tip of your tongue. No one knows where exactly, but if you look close enough, they’re there.

Whatchamacallit is a magical place; on starry nights, when you are tightly tucked up dreaming of wondrous things, the most spectacular events happen.

An industrious world of technical tidbits where bits & bobs are created from recycled rubbish that gets lost in the system.

A world where the most intelligent beings live and work, ensuring all of your gadgets keep working. This is the Widgets’ World.

Every Widget is unique and has its own personality, never growing up and always happy as long as the gadgets they create keep working. However, should one suddenly breakdown then the Widgets are hot on the trail to mend the problem and fix the glitches.

With the help of you— the Widget Gems—the Widgets go on epic adventures, complete crafty creations, fix garish glitches, sing catchy songs and disco dance at every opportunity.Widgets working!


When it comes to Widgets working, Gizmo is at the front of the line and leading the way. This pink, furry and lovable friend is always on the lookout to discover new and exciting ideas on adventures through time and space. He is the creative one of the group, constantly constructing unique gadgets and, well…gizmos!

Functional but forgetful, his catch-phrase is “thing-a-me-jig” which he says whenever a word gets lost in the system. Gizmo’s favourite hobby is getting his groove on using recycled hand-made DJ decks.


Don’t be fooled by his scruffy appearance and clumsy nature, Doobley is the brains of the group. Sometimes, his intellect gets in the way of common sense, but that doesn’t stop this cheeky chappy fixing glitches head on. Doobley is fun-loving and friendly, always on the lookout for the next big idea.


When it comes to keeping The Widgets in check, Whatsit is tuned in. Whatsit is clever, practical, lovable and loyal. Often, she must use all her patience to help focus the group. She loves to sing and dance encouraging the Widget Gems to join in.

Play at Home

Hey Widget Gems! We need your help turning Widget World into technicolour! Use that fancy printer-me-thing you have at home and use whatever you have to colour us in: crayons, crate paper, or even any recycled materials. Be sure to take a photo of your fantastic creations and upload them on to the web using #widgetworld to showcase your masterpiece.

Widgets working!


If you want to sing and dance along with The Widgets from the comfort of your own carpet then take a look at their collection of hits online.